Responsive web designer
I'm a web developer in sunny, southern California. I have been building & maintaining web sites since 1995 when my husband began his  video business and needed an online presence.  That early static site eventually evolved into a fully dynamic (PHP & MySQL)  web site with over 600 products,  a custom content management system and an online shopping cart.  In addition to responsive web design and back end  coding,  I  enjoy other creative pursuits including designing product covers, printed mailers, logos and other miscellaneous graphics. 
When I'm not beta testing new software, I  sometimes find time to write brief tutorials and code demos about Dreamweaver, CSS, Bootstrap, XML, and PHP.  Those online articles can be found on my web site  and my Blog at  Also,  I am an Adobe Community Professional and Most Valuable Participant.

If you've derived value from any of my forum posts or online tutorials, feel free to say thanks.

Thank you!
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